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SentinelOne Named Top Security Company in 2014 SIIA NextGen Awards

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Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Predictive execution inspection detects, predicts, and blocks advanced threats in real time, giving you fully automated protection before, during, and after attacks.

Always on. Always secure.

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Predictive Execution Inspection

Powered by the industry’s first and only predictive execution inspection engine, SentinelOne rapidly adapts and responds to threat activity.

Stop more threats

Automated Response and Mitigation

Cut down your incident response time from hours to milliseconds. With real-time forensics, you can track and investigate attacks as they attempt to execute.

Keep business humming

Universal Platform Protection

SentinelOne supports all major platforms—Windows, OS X, Android, and soon iOS & Linux—more than any other vendor. With one solution and lightweight agents, prevent advanced threats from slipping between the cracks.

Close the gaps

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection


By rethinking the sequence of malware detection, we’ve built a new paradigm that puts security ahead of threats, even zero-day and targeted attacks.

At the first sign of suspicious activity, SentinelOne Endpoint Protection predicts threat behavior and blocks the attacker’s next move.

Fully automated cross-platform security

Platform Logos

  • Monitors activity at all times—without slowing performance
  • Detects, predicts, blocks, and removes threats in real time
  • Lowers costs with a faster, fully automated threat response
  • Correlates and shares threat data to improve security
  • Supports all major platforms to ensure universal protection

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